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The 17th edition of "E-commerce Italy" was held on April 18th, 2023 in Milan.

The new report "Ecommerce Italy 2024", will be presented on 10 April 2024 in Milan  

The 17th edition of "Ecommerce Italy" was held on April 18th, 2023 in Milan.
The Ecommerce Italy 2023 report - with the participation of best e-commerce italian companies - covers innovations, trends, best case studies and market's evolutions.

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Ecommerce Italy 2023 - Introduzione


2022 was the year of the reality check for retailers and manufacturers who had to go back to playing by the rules of the market without the boost (and in some cases the obstacle) of lockdown.
The real novelty was the inflation that Italian Ecommerce had not yet experienced in its entire life. On the one hand, it affected purchases due to increased prices, uncertainty caused by the energy crisis, the ongoing war and the soaring costs of transport from
Asia; on the other hand, it allowed sectors such as Consumer Electronics, Food and Home and Furnishing, which decreased
sales in absolute terms, to increase their year-end turnover anyway.
Operators have nevertheless taken the opportunity to reorganise production and make discounts less structural, and also expect double-digit growth of 17.26% on average for 2023.
Growth will travel through differentiated channels because on the one hand, operators who can still finance growth at a loss are fewer and fewer given the ECB’s rate increase, and on the other hand financially sustainable growth is often not enough to keep up with foreign operators entering Italy.
The transport crisis from China has made many operators think about moving production closer to Europe, but Asian manufacturers are already structured to compete directly with manufacturers and retailers who outsource production to them. In 2023 these giants will start selling directly to final customers via marketplaces such as Amazon, following the example of Shein, which has already surpassed multinationals such as Zara and H&M in terms of notoriety and in some cases turnover by focusing everything on the speed of production and daily renewal of the catalogue.
Competition will also come from Europe, as trail transport will be further liberalised.
To defend against these phenomena, Italian retailers will have to strengthen their relationship with the final customer.
The relationship with the final customer, however, could be intermediated directly by artificial intelligence objects that will most likely forever change Ecommerce as we have known it until now.

Ecommerce in Italy

2022 reabsorbed part of the growth of digital citizens owning to the pandemic as about one million people returned to offline life after being forced into the digital world due to the lockdown. In Italy, the online penetration among the population (aged 2 and over) reached 75.1% in January 2023 (-1.2% compared to the previous year) with 44 million single monthly users and a reduction of about one million people compared to last year. Those who stayed online, however, behaved similarly in terms of time spent online, which actually increased from 2h28’ to 2h40’ on an average day. The number of online shoppers continues its growth, having already exceeded 38 million last September. Geographically, the North West is the most connected area with 64.7% of Italian adults connected and the South and Islands close with 58.6%. Of these, some 38 million Italians connect to Ecommerce sites and apps during the month. In Italy, 47.1% of people aged between 16 and 64 buy something online every week compared to 57.6% worldwide. As for access devices, mobile is the tool of choice with 49.6% of Italians’ time spent. In terms of connected Italians’ expenditure, however, there is still ample room for growth if we consider that in Italy 2.26% of GDP is spent by Italians on online consumer goods compared to a world average of 3.53% and, for example, Great Britain where this percentage reaches 5.13%.

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Italy Ecommerce turnover growth

(% variation - turnover in billions of Euros)

Source: Casaleggio Associati, 2023
E-commerce 2023 - Graphic 1

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Speakers of the event

  • Dumitru Baltatescu
    Dumitru Baltatescu
    Country Manager -
  • Ezio Bastonero
    Ezio Bastonero
    E-commerce Manager - Norauto Italia Spa
  • Marco Di Filippo
    Marco Di Filippo
    Founder & General Director - Amicafarmacia (Farmaè Group)
  • Fabio Landolfi
    Fabio Landolfi
    Business Development - Stripe Italia
  • Diego Morgandi
    Diego Morgandi
    Global E-commerce Director - KIKO
  • Nicola Pagani
    Nicola Pagani
    CEO & Founder -
  • Stefano Pasquato
    Stefano Pasquato
    Innovation Manager - Call2net
  • Olivia Pavoni
    Olivia Pavoni
    Account Executive - Charles
  • Roberto Quadrelli
    Roberto Quadrelli
    Head of eCommerce LEGO
  • Giacomo Trovato
    Giacomo Trovato
    Country Manager Italy and South East Europe, Airbnb
  • Francesca Gambarini
    Francesca Gambarini
    Journalist - Corriere della Sera
  • Davide Casaleggio
    Davide Casaleggio
    CEO & Partner - CA
  • Luca Eleuteri
    Luca Eleuteri
    Partner - CA

Partners and Sponsors of the event

  • Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses.

  • Charles is a WhatsApp platform that helps brands grow through the power of conversational commerce.

  • idealo is Europe's leading price comparison site, with more than 350 million offers from over 50,000 online shops. Every day, idealo helps millions of users to make the best choice for their purchases while generating high-quality traffic for its partner shops.

  • Call2Net S.p.A. leads companies in redesigning their customer interaction modes

  • VTEX is the enterprise digital commerce platform for premier brands, retailers, and distributors. We help global companies build, manage and deliver native and advanced B2B, B2C, and Marketplace commerce experiences with unprecedented time to market.

  • Viceversa is a European fintech leading company that aims to become the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses.

  • Doofinder is the advanced Site Search for eCommerce that helps increase conversion by up to 20% It integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms, no programming required.

  • Clearpay is an innovative payment method that offers customers the opportunity to purchase the products they most want and conveniently pay for them in 3 installments, with no interest.

April 10th, 2024 - Milan

Ecommerce Italy 2024

AI-Commerce: the frontiers of Ecommerce Digital Thinking with Artificial Intelligence

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