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The Partners of Ecommerce Companies

The presentation event of Casaleggio Associati's new research was held in Milan, October 24th, 2023

The new report "The partners of Ecommerce companies 2024", will be presented on 23 October 2024 in Milan  

The Partners of Ecommerce Companies
The research investigates solutions and services available to companies that do ecommerce in Italy with the aim of creating culture on specific issues.

A map of the vendors on the market will be created and a selection guide that will describe the criteria by which brands and merchants select the best solutions for their ecommerce projects.

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An Ecommerce service works if all its components are synchronised with each other. At first glance, many Ecommerce sites may look similar, but when comparing companies’ budgets and KPIs in the same sector, the results can be completely different.
Services and technologies that make up an online sales site are therefore also crucial to achieve profitability. Unlike the early years of Ecommerce, when both transaction volumes and service availability forced merchants to develop all the necessary resources in-house, the current landscape offers the possibility of SaaS-based and modular services, adaptable to the specific infrastructure of each merchant. This evolution allows many operators to access sophisticated tools and services even with limited budgets. This revolution has enabled an acceleration and scalability of Ecommerce business models that opens up new scenarios of international
and niche competition based on the knowledge of available tools.
In the last year, Artificial Intelligence has given new impetus to the availability of services on the market that can create important competitive advantages.
The objective of this first research is to explore the panorama of solutions and services available to companies working in the Ecommerce sector in Italy in order to provide useful indications for choosing. The state of the art and perspectives were assessed through market analysis, interviews and surveys.
The more than 500 Ecommerce solutions and services analysed were divided into nine different categories, which make up the areas of this research: Ecommerce platforms, technology partners, marketing services, advertising, payment systems, logistics and shipping, CRM and customer service, catalogue and marketplace management, with a special focus on emerging technologies and the impact of AI in the Ecommerce context.

Market's voice

In listening to the market from both the merchant and service provider sides, some shared pivotal points emerge. One of these is choosing new services, that is, the moment when operators should start looking for possible alternatives to replace or integrate their service stack.
The main moments of choice are related to the first entry into the Ecommerce world, to crossing revenue thresholds (the million euro threshold pushes many to radically change the service set-up used), the decision to start selling abroad, the evolution of the business model towards the marketplace and last but not least, to dealing with service disruptions (especially post black friday).

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Ecommerce Manager’s moments of choice

Source: Casaleggio Associati, 2023
I partner delle aziende ecommerce - Grafico 1

Services Ecommerce Managers are satisfied or not satisfied with

Source: Casaleggio Associati, 2023
I partner delle aziende ecommerce - Grafico 2

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Speakers of the event

  • Pablo Daniel Fraile
    Pablo Daniel Fraile
    Pablo Daniel Fraile
    Chief Digital Officer - Alessi
  • Loredana Fartade
    Loredana Fartade
    Loredana Fartade
    Country Director Italy - La Redoute
  • Giorgio Guardigli
    Giorgio Guardigli
    Giorgio Guardigli
    Global Digital & eCommerce Director - Costa Crociere
  • Roberta Melis
    Roberta Melis
    Roberta Melis
    Business Process Manager - AgriEuro
  • Anastasia Sfregola
    Anastasia Sfregola
    Anastasia Sfregola
    Senior Account Executive - Shopify Plus
  • Andrea Zagnoli
    Andrea Zagnoli
    Andrea Zagnoli
    Chief Customer Officer - Magnews
  • Marco Macari
    Marco Macari
    Marco Macari
    Vicepresident 4eCom, CEO of ITTweb and AccelaSearch
  • Davide Casaleggio
    Davide Casaleggio
    Davide Casaleggio
    CEO & Partner - CA

Photos of the event

Partners and Sponsors of the event

  • Global leading company providing the essential infrastructure for commerce of any size.

  • Magnews is the MarTech solution for Email Marketing and Marketing Automation, empowering you to manage Omnichannel Customer Journeys.

  • Spring GDS, the best solution for international B2C eCommerce shipping.

  • iSmartFrame, Cloud Platform to boost Customer Experience and E-commerce sales. Speed up your site, increase revenue.

  • Qapla' is the Software that simplifies eCommerce shipments management and unlocks delivery communications marketing potential.

  • Oct8ne is the only livechat, chatbot, and messaging with visual support for customer interaction.

  • T-Data is an e-commerce service provider offering outsourcing solutions for online sales development.

  • Feedaty is a Ratings & Reviews and UGC Marketing platform for businesses.

  • We are the pioneers of the e-commerce future, where content automation and data-driven automation are the keys to growth and success.

  • Poleepo is the platform that empowers merchants to manage smarter the entire end-to-end process of multichannel online sales.

  • Gemini is the next-generation eCommerce platform that provides power and flexibility through headless microservice technology.

  • the solution to serve optimized data for digital marketing, marketplace integration and local marketing.

The research is carried out in collaboration with 4eCom:

April 10th, 2024 - Milan

Ecommerce Italy 2024

AI-Commerce: the frontiers of Ecommerce Digital Thinking with Artificial Intelligence

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