Ecommerce Italia

April 18th, 2023 - h 09:30

Ecommerce Italy 2023

The 17th edition of "E-commerce Italy" will be held on April 18th, 2023 in Milan.

2023 Event

Ecommerce Italy 2023

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The event will be held on: 18 April 2023 - h 09:30

The 17th edition of "Ecommerce Italy" will be held on April 18th, 2023 in Milan.
The Ecommerce Italy 2023 report - with the participation of best e-commerce italian companies - covers innovations, trends, best case studies and market's evolutions.

You can read the 2022 Report here.

The topics of the report and event will be:

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

digital strategies

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

new business models

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

marketing and advertising strategies and tools

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

digital relationship with end customer

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

evolution of payment systems

Tematiche - Ecommerce Italy 2023

service innovations in the field of logistics and shipping

Network Partners



  • Stripe is a financial infrastructure platform for businesses.

  • Charles is a WhatsApp platform that helps brands grow through the power of conversational commerce.

  • idealo is Europe's leading price comparison site, with more than 350 million offers from over 50,000 online shops. Every day, idealo helps millions of users to make the best choice for their purchases while generating high-quality traffic for its partner shops.

  • The enterprise digital commerce platform.

  • Viceversa is a European fintech leading company that aims to become the financial and operational partner for the next generation of digital businesses.

  • Doofinder is the advanced Site Search for eCommerce that helps increase conversion by up to 20%. It integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce platforms, no programming required.


Ecommerce Italy 2023 - Introduzione
9:00Accreditation & Welcome Coffee
10:00Opening of proceedingsIntroduction to the "E-commerce Italy 2023" report by Davide Casaleggio
10:30Thematic Speeches:CA, Partners and Guests talk about Research and related topics + Q&A Live
12:30Media partner interview with Davide Casaleggio
13:00Networking Lunch
14:00Workshop by the Partners
16:00End of the event

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