Analysis of Ecommerce Ranking Data

Graphs and analysis that explore the Casaleggio Associati Ecommerce Ranking, from the monthly growth in the number of companies, to the breakdown by product sector of the companies present.

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Top-10 growth in the month

The positions earned by the 10 companies that during the last month have been able to grow and conquer important positions in our ranking, earning the trust of Italian customers.

Monthly growth of the number of companies present in the Ranking

Data on the monthly growth of our ranking of the best ecommerce companies in Italy. The number is constantly increasing, reflecting the expansion and development of the ecommerce sector in our country. This steady growth in our ranking is a positive sign for the ecommerce industry, indicating a sector that is constantly evolving and where the opportunities for success are constantly increasing. Sites that have a traffic estimate close to zero in a certain month are excluded from the month's analysis.

Breakdowns of the Top 100 by percentage by industry

Our Top 100 of the best ecommerce companies in Italy stands out for the diversity of the sectors represented. The breakdown of companies within our ranking shows a rich and varied panorama, reflecting the wide range of Italian ecommerce, with companies that stand out in various fields, offering quality products and services to consumers.

Number of companies in the ranking for each sector

A detailed overview of the number of companies present by sector in our ranking of the best ecommerce companies in Italy. These data offer an overview of the distribution of Ecommerce companies in Italy.

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