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Ecommerce Italy 2024 - Report
Reports and Data

Ecommerce Italy 2024

The XVIII edition of the research entitled "AI-Commerce: the frontiers of Ecommerce with Artificial Intelligence", describes the strategies and evolutions of digital commerce in Italy thanks to analysis and comparison with managers of leading companies.

The Partners of Ecommerce Companies - Report
October 2023

The Partners of Ecommerce Companies

The new research "The Partners of Ecommerce Companies" by Casaleggio Associati aims to describe the state of the art of technologies and services for the Ecommerce world, analyze the criteria for choosing companies and evaluate evolutionary prospects.

Ecommerce Italy 2023 - Report
April 2023

Ecommerce Italy 2023

The XVII edition of the research entitled "Ecommerce Italy: Without innovation, there is no growth", describes the strategies and trends of online sales in Italy, thanks to an in-depth analysis of the market and comparison with relevant managers.

Ecommerce in Italy 2022 - Report
May 2022

Ecommerce in Italy 2022

The XVI edition of the conference "Ecommerce in Italy: The change of pace after the Covid Boom" was held on 5 May 2022 in Milan and explored the evolution of the market following Covid-19.

Ecommerce in Italy 2021 - Report
May 2021

Ecommerce in Italy 2021

The XV edition of the conference "Ecommerce in Italy: The consolidation of Ecommerce" was held online on 7 May 2021 and analyzed 2021 as the year of investments and major maneuvers in the Ecommerce market with consolidation operations.

Ecommerce in Italy 2020 - Report
May 2020

Ecommerce in Italy 2020

The 14th edition of the conference "Ecommerce in Italy: Ecommerce in the time of Coronavirus" was held online on 19 May 2020. Ecommerce in 2020 would have been a turning point: the coronavirus effect would have changed everything.

Ecommerce in Italy 2019 - Report
July 2024

Ecommerce in Italy 2019

According to the "Ecommerce Italia 2019" report, Italy was at that time one of the markets with the greatest potential, but despite continuing to grow at double digits, overall market penetration was still distant from other Northern European countries.


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